Nite – eBook Available Now


Attention Readers,

Nite is now LIVE to download on Amazon Kindle.

This is the second novella in the Tales From Praedeon series introducing us to Nite – a young boy cursed by the gods – and expanding on the world established in Dorban. This journey takes us from the lush, green forests of Verdaria to the wild western fronts of Aumeria as we glimpse key moments of Nite’s life that will shape the Bounty Hunter forever.

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Dorban – eBook Is Live!

Dorban eBook CoverAttention Readers,

Dorban is now LIVE to download on Amazon Kindle.

This is a novella introducing the fantasy world of Praedeon where science-fiction and fantasy merge in the backdrop of a western. You’ll be introduced to Benjamin Brail who must make good on a bounty contract for a Dwarf. Armed with a hoverbike and magical revolver, we are introduced to this new world through his eyes.

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