Tales From Praedeon

Dorban eBook CoverThe technologically advanced High Elves are all but gone; their once great machines and magic fading from the world. The Dwarves, fresh from civil war, rule the railroads from the Iron City. Man is as lost as ever in the wild west that is Aumeria.

Benjamin Brail –an infamous bounty hunter – comes to the small camp of Dorban in need of a mechanic for his haywire hoverbike. Armed with his Elven revolver, Benjamin must battle past pains and current vices to make good on his contract with a Dwarven politician.

The country of Aumeria represents a second chance for many in the old world of Praedeon. For Benjamin, being a bounty hunter is a way to make coin and do a little good. Unfortunately, second chances aren’t for everyone.

41oa1udW6mSOver the centuries, many in Praedeon have forgotten the tales of the Blinded and the cursed bloodline, but not all. Nite, a ten-year-old boy born with haunting white eyes and unnatural abilities, has lived isolated from the world with his caretaker, Pawl in Verdaria.

One night, a strange woman visits them in their secluded cottage. Evren is not only a powerful witch, but a successful Bounty Hunter in Aumeria. When tragedy strikes, Nite becomes the witch’s ward and must leave the safety of his home. Pawl may have taught Nite how to survive, but Evren will teach him how to thrive.

Sadly, hate and fear run rampant in Praedeon for any who are different; whether they be Dwarf, Man or High Elf. Forever an outsider, Nite must navigate a world against him for the blood in his veins and the secrets in his heart.