How I Sold 3,000 Copies Of My Book On Kindle…

…I have no idea…

I’ve had over 3,300 customers download my novels for Kindle so far this year. That’s roughly 3,299 more than I was expecting and that’s because I had to buy a copy to test it out.

I had a lot of fun writing Daylight Hours and Moonlit Miles and even though I’m taking a break from Kris Grant for a while to write some other stories, it was a nice surprise to look at my monthly reports and tally up how many I’ve managed to sell so far from Kindle.

Of course, no matter how grateful I am to everyone/anyone who even takes the time to read the synopsis of either book — let alone the entire thing — what really makes me feel like I should hold off on planning that assisted suicide is reviews.

So I implore you all: Any one of the 3,000 people out there who have downloaded my books and read them, please review them on and let me and the rest of the world know what you think. Hate it or love it, I can only grow as an author with feedback from my audience. (Oh, and the other 299 of you out there, I didn’t forget about you, I’m just pretty sure you’re my mom, so I’m not even gonna bother asking you to review anything)

I thank everyone in advance who helps me out with reviewing the books if you’ve read them.

Side note: I’m in the business of working on an exciting new novel that has nothing to do with vampires and everything to do with amazing. I’ll keep you informed.

Daylight Hours
Daylight Hours
Kris Grant is back.
Kris Grant is back.


Amazing News!

Remember that sequel I was writing for my first book? You know, the one I’ve spent countless hours editing and proofreading and struggling to proofread and edit some more all while finishing college, wandering around the world with no sense of direction after graduating from college, and then finally realizing that I need to focus and get this second book out there? Yeah…that book.

Well, it’s coming.



Sure, being Territory Master has its perks: money, power, responsibility…money. It’s not an easy job, but Kris Grant’s been playing the part and keeping the murdering and massacres down to an all-time low. So, why isn’t he getting the respect he deserves?

In the action-packed sequel to Daylight Hours, we find the inexperienced and sarcastic Vampire, Kris Grant struggling to control his territory. He’s never taken his role seriously and the consequences arise when two rogue Vampires come to town threatening everything Kris has built over the years. Now, with the aid of an unlikely team, Kris must battle his own ego and begin a dangerous hunt that will push him to his physical and emotional limits.

Friendships are tested, old enemies emerge, and new ones surface as Kris learns what it really means to be Territory Master.

*  *  *

Excited? I am.

Moonlit Miles is coming exclusively to the Kindle Store in the next few days. Stay posted and spread the word.

Daylight Hours News!

Yeah, I don’t know about you people, but there’s only 2 days left until Daylight Hours is FREE on Kindle! Free!

This is me book. Click on me to go to

This is pretty great news considering I finally have the chance to just give the book away to people. Spread the word, everyone. The first novel in The Kris Grant Series is on its way to rising up the ranks. I’m determined to make it a best-seller this year with these free promotions and Kindle exclusivity.

I still have chapters of the book posted on this site as well, so check it out in advance.

Just remember, there’s nothing wrong with supporting an indie author and downloading a free eBook with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. I mean, I’m kind of counting on it. So save the date. January 17, 2013: Free Kindle Book Day! For my book at least.

How Caffeine Altered My Life, Preventing Me From Making A Terrible Mistake, Therefore Altering The Future Of All Mankind

When sleep and eating healthy just don’t cut it.

Long story short: a syringe-full of espresso made me want to write and edit rather than focusing on world domination.

I went out for a boy’s night out last night, drank, woke up at 6:30am to go to the gym with the girlfriend, and then came home, made breakfast, crashed until 11:30, and then finally decided it was time to re-start my day. I have now taken a double shot of espresso that has awakened my latent creativity. There’s no better way to accomplish things than with an addictive substance in your system.

I have a few updates for all of you Kris Grant fans out there. Daylight Hours will be available for FREE for the Kindle in a few short days. Expect me to be blowing up the internet with this invigorating news. I get 3 days to promote the book for free with Kindle Select and I’m going to scatter them out throughout the 90 days to be able to promote properly. I’m settling on an exact day soon, but it could be as early as this Friday (just 2 days from now because I’m a procrastinator).

Please spread the word to anyone you know who has a Kindle or uses the Kindle App on their phones, iPads, or any other technological device that allows you to read things without having to do that exhausting turning the page thing. Daylight Hours was my first big step in the direction of becoming an author, and I hope that once it’s up for free, it will reach a wider audience.

The sequel to Daylight Hours is also coming soon for the Kindle as well as in paperback. I’ve given it to a few test readers, and one of the readers really motivated me by finishing the book in record-breaking time. I’m forever thankful for everyone supporting me and helping me reach my dreams.