Motivating Movies: Using Films As Motivation

As a product of my generation, my imagination is built around this cinematic gear grinding inside my head. I have these grand movies playing in my mind and I have to try and get them out on paper.

I love movies of all kinds, whether it’s a large action-adventure film or a complex, cinematographically orgasmic mind-fuck that makes you uncomfortable and question what’s going on around you.

Seeing a film or reading articles about films inspire and motivate me to open up Word and get to writing a story worth telling.

My aspirations as a writer come from the scenes and characters inside my head that don’t go away. They spark something inside of me that gets me to the computer or notepad so that I can craft something worthwhile with my thoughts.

Whether you want to write a future “Literary Classic” or a screenplay worthy of Michael Bay’s direction, I have one question:

How many other writers out there use film to find the drive and ambition to actually write?


Daylight Hours: Price Drop!

Paperback Price Drop!

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There are plenty of monsters in the South Florida underworld and the Vampire, Kris Grant, is in charge of them all.

It isn’t easy being a Territory Master. Humans know that monsters exist and aren’t afraid to hunt them down. Since Vampires are mortal during the day, and there’s been more monster killings up north than normal, Kris knows he should lay low. But when three young siblings come into town on the run, things get even more complicated. Something’s hunting the kids and Kris has no choice but to protect them and his territory. It shouldn’t be too hard. All he has to do is survive the daylight hours.

With Werebears, Witches, reluctant Human Servants, and Vampires, Daylight Hours is the paranormal must-read  for any fans of the genre.

Daylight Hours is also available for KINDLE and NOOK to download for only 99¢!

Book Reviews: Daylight Hours

I recently got another review for my book on and I moved up 4,000,000 ranks worldwide.

That’s 4 Million places I moved up in my ranking!

I really want to appreciate everyone who has read my book so far and then reviewed it on Amazon. The rating of my book is what will help me get attention from Literary Agents and Publishing Houses so thank you everyone.

If you’ve read Daylight Hours and haven’t reviewed the book yet, I’m asking nicely, please help. All you have to do is log into your Amazon Account and then click the number of stars you want to give my book. It’s not too torturous and it could help me change my life forever.

Once again, thank you everyone for your support. Now it’s time to go back to editing the second book.

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