Writing Update on Sequel to Daylight Hours

I’ve just finished editing the 3rd Draft of the second novel in The Kris Grant Series. It’s been a long process, but I’m trying to craft a novel that I can be proud of that makes up for any weaknesses that the first novel might have had. I appreciate all of my readers who have been patiently waiting to read the sequel. You won’t be disappointed. Kris Grant is back and more sarcastic and murderous than ever.

While you’re waiting for the sequel, take some time and jump back into the character of Kris Grant. Daylight Hours is online for FREE here. The first 10 Chapters are up already. New Chapters are posted every Monday and Wednesday morning, so spread the word. Also, if you haven’t read them already, check out my two Short Stories that I’ve posted here.

Another little fun fact for all of my readers: An official title and plot summary for the sequel will be released in the coming weeks as well as an official release date. Hope you enjoy.


Another FREE Chapter of Daylight Hours

Chapter 5 of Daylight Hours is up.

If there’s one chapter to read to understand what’s unique about Vampires in my novel, it’s Chapter 5. If you’ve missed out, head on to the other chapters posted before this one and enjoy.

Fun fact, I keep editing my Query Letter to send out to Literary Agencies. If that’s not exhausting enough, I’m trying to even find Agents who are looking for a novel like Daylight Hours to represent. It’s tough being a writer, but I’ll persist and keep working at my goals. Making the time to edit the sequel is also a full-time job. My heart goes out to all of the other writers out there trying to make a name for themselves.

Self-Publishing and Setting Goals

I recently took one of my dry-erase boards and set out a list of goals for myself and then deadlines for them all.

It’s hard to self-publish a book, let alone a series. I’m working hard on the sequel to Daylight Hours, but finding the time to promote the first as well write and edit is time-consuming beyond belief.

Giving myself deadlines to reach my goals has really helped put things in perspective and help me to focus more on specific tasks. I’ve got a lot of things planned and some big announcements coming soon in regards to Daylight Hours as well as its sequel.

Wish me luck, and good luck to all you other writers out there working hard to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself.