Amazing News About My First Novel

January 17th is one of the most under-appreciated, wonderful, rich, and fulfilling days of the year filled with more purpose and meaning than any other day in human history as far as I know.

It’s my birthday.

It’s also going to be the day when Daylight Hours will be 100% FREE to download from for your Kindle and Kindle Apps. I know, I’m an attention whore. What can you do?

So, what does this mean? Well, starting at roughly midnight on one of the most spectacular days in human history, you will be able to download Daylight Hours for free. I know, it’s pretty crazy. This was my first novel and Kris Grant is a very unique character in a very stale genre. If you love urban fantasy, vampire novels, or action and adventure with a little paranormal fantasy, then you’ll love Daylight Hours. Is it better than True Blood (every season after season 1)? If you’re a fan, give my book a chance and tell me yourself.

January 17th will not only be me celebrating the birth of myself, but I will also be blowing up the internet with posts and links and more posts and links promoting the book on the one day that it will be completely free to read. There’s no reason not to download the book to your phone or any device you have with Kindle on it because, well, when is anything in this world free?

I want to thank everyone in advance already for any and all support. As an indie author, it’s rough trying to break into the scene of being a “published author”. I’m gonna give it my all and hopefully enough people download and read the first novel in the Kris Grant Series.


Self-Publishing and Setting Goals

I recently took one of my dry-erase boards and set out a list of goals for myself and then deadlines for them all.

It’s hard to self-publish a book, let alone a series. I’m working hard on the sequel to Daylight Hours, but finding the time to promote the first as well write and edit is time-consuming beyond belief.

Giving myself deadlines to reach my goals has really helped put things in perspective and help me to focus more on specific tasks. I’ve got a lot of things planned and some big announcements coming soon in regards to Daylight Hours as well as its sequel.

Wish me luck, and good luck to all you other writers out there working hard to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself.


Writing Update: Fun Facts

Well, I did it.

I’ve finished the 2nd draft of the sequel to Daylight Hours!

This is where all of the grueling editing, proofreading, editing, and more proofreading comes in.

Last year I self-published Daylight Hours and now it’s time to build the paperback and ebook editions of the second book in the series. My writing style has come a long way in the past year and it was a lot of fun writing a sequel. Kris Grant is a character I enjoy writing as and for a writer, that’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. It’s always a good thing when your work doesn’t feel like work.

I don’t want to give too much information on the second book just yet, because the second draft is far from what the finished book will look like. I will say this though. If you read the first book and enjoyed Kris Grant’s sarcasm and whit, then you’re going to appreciate the second book. I’m self-publishing the Kris Grant novels. This may be the only time in my life when I have complete creative control without an editor or a publisher stifling my writings and editing me to appeal to the masses. I wrote the second book knowing that I wasn’t going to hold anything back and it brings positive elements to the novel and gives me a freedom that I think shows through the writing.

Self-publishing a novel is one of the most stressful, demanding, time-consuming, exhausting work that I’ve ever done and I love every frustrating minute of it.

Kris Grant will be returning in a whole new novel Summer 2012.