The Day After

2013 is here. I know, who’d have thunk we could’ve made it this far, World?

I spent the New Year’s with family, something I’m not proud of. It was my father’s first time home for New Year’s Eve in my entire life, so I only had one choice if I wanted any part of the inheritance. And if you think I’m kidding, that’s what he threatened me with. Considering I had no other plans, me and the girlfriend spent time with the family and now when my father does pass away, I’ll get some sweet Bonds worth $50.

I hope everyone else had a great year –minus all of those shitty times– and a safe New Year’s Eve.

Hopefully 2013 is better than the last. We survived another apocalypse and are looking forward to a dismal future where PSY’s Gangnam Style and Ryan Seacrest rule the airwaves.

I feel like Joss Whedon is writing our lives.

Fun fact: my auto-correct changed “Seacrest” to “Seaquest” which makes me happy.


Holiday Hangovers

Christmas has come and gone. The world didn’t end…yet…and I’m still here blogging.

I had a few days off from work to spend time with the family and relax with my beautiful girlfriend. Fun fact: we just celebrated our 6 year anniversary together. These days, 2 years seems to be a lifetime, but 6 years with the Mrs. have gone by too fast. I guess that’s a good sign. Since all of our friends and everyone else in the world seems to have gotten engaged this December, I guess I’ll have to get my life together faster if I’m going to pop the question some day soon. Although, we decided to go out shopping the day after Christmas to the Sawgrass Mall and I nearly lost her due to her almost spontaneously combusting from all of the people walking into her. I will never leave my house the day after Christmas again. Ever.

Love life aside, I do have information related to my fine and few readers. I’ve made the decision to try Kindle KDP Select for 90 days and see how it goes. I get 5 days to post the book up for free during those days so anyone with a Kindle of Kindle App will be able to download the book for free those days. Don’t worry, there will be updates. I’ve already taken steps towards this decision and unpublished Daylight Hours from Nook. It was a tough decision, but at least for 90 days, the Nook version of my novel will be no more. Don’t worry, if you’ve already downloaded it, you’ll still have it. And the paperback will continue to be sold normally.

I’m still not sure whether I’ll have to suspend the free chapters I’ve been posting lately. I hope that I don’t, but to be honest, I’m not bringing in many readers with the free postings anyways.

The sequel to Daylight Hours is still coming. It’s a much larger book–nearly 130,000 words–and I want to make it better than the last.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone had a great Holiday and a good year. Good luck with New Year’s Eve.