FREE Book Release: One Day Sale!

After much anticipation, Moonlit Miles is here!

Kris Grant is back.

This action-packed sequel brings us back into the mind of Kris Grant, an inexperienced Vampire running the South Florida Territory with his business partner, Jack Weaver who just so happens to be a Werebear.

To celebrate the release of Moonlit Miles, the second book in The Kris Grant Series, I’m having a huge promotional sale.

On Sunday, April 7, 2013 you will be able to buy both Daylight Hours AND Moonlit Miles for FREE!

That’s right, both books in The Kris Grant Series will be absolutely, 100% FREE for Kindle on All you have to do is check them out this Sunday morning (TOMORROW) and download and gift to your heart’s content.

I want to thank everyone for their support in helping me get this novel out there. If you’re a fan of the first book, or Kris Grant, then I hope you enjoy the sequel.

If you haven’t gotten around to reading Daylight Hours and entering this exciting universe where the paranormal and mankind live intertwined, then…well, get on that. You’re missing out. Then again, my opinion’s a little biased.


President’s Day Weekend Sale: My Book Is Free…Again

This weekend, in commemoration of President’s Day (because it’s literally the only Holiday around at the moment) Daylight Hours will be FREE on Kindle.

Weekend Sale:

If you haven’t downloaded the book yet, now’s your time. Are you a fan of urban fantasy or paranormal mysteries? Then Daylight Hours is the book you won’t want to miss. Kris Grant is a Vampire trying to survive as Territory Master of South Florida. Normally he’s in over his head with trouble, but when three runaways enter his territory with a strange enemy chasing them, he has no choice but to get involved and do what he does best: survive.

This is the first novel in The Kris Grant Series, with the sequel coming out this year. Who is Kris Grant and what makes this novel unique? Read Daylight Hours and find out.

And why not? It’s free. That’s pretty cheap if you ask me.

Thanksgiving Break Is Over

That damned holiday where you’re thankful for three day’s worth of leftovers is finally over. The turkey’s gone. The relatives have all gone back to their own homes. It’s finally time to get back to work. *cracks knuckles*

Thanksgiving wasn’t too bad. I somehow managed to get more days off during this chaotic holiday than in previous years, which I’m thankful for. I got to spend time with the niece and the family. I survived, which is better than I was expecting. I don’t really enjoy eating so much food and pie when I’m attempting to be healthy. I mean, I had no choice but to eat that Berry Blast pie, and the Apple Pie…and the Pumpkin Pie…

Black Friday was atrocious this year. I still can’t believe that Walmart’s doorbuster sales started at 8pm. What the hell happened to Thanksgiving dinner? I don’t know about other states, but I guess in light of recent events, Florida will have to start doing everything early so we can get done on time. There wasn’t even anything worth going out for this year, but tradition of going out with the Mrs. and meeting up with my friend brought me out until 2am.

As I said, Thanksgiving is over, the weekend is gone, and it’s back to work. I have a few people test-reading the sequel to Daylight Hours now. I’m hoping to hear back from them soon. It’s nerve-wracking and exciting all at once to let people read your work. Especially if it’s a sequel and they enjoyed the first novel. I stepped away from The Kris Grant Series for a bit and started drawing up notes on a new story idea. It was a beautiful morning here in South Florida and it was refreshing to wake up and write in a notebook with pen and paper with the sun on me and no cloud in sight.

Monday is almost here. That means another free chapter of Daylight Hours. We’re up to Chapter 17 so far. I’m hoping that any new readers keeping up with the chapters is enjoying the novel so far. It gets better. I promise. Although, I wrote it, so you can’t really trust me. I guess you’ll just have to keep reading and make your own conclusions in the end by writing a review of the novel online. But what do I know?

I hope everyone out there had a good holiday. I’m glad I got to see my family–despite any attempts to end their lives–and I can’t wait to see them again.

Lucky #13 Is Here

That’s right. Chapter 13 of Daylight Hours is posted right here for all you readers to, well, you know, read…

Another little tidbit of information I’d like to share. I wrote up a review of Skyfall on The Now. Check it out and let me know what you thought about the movie. It’s had a huge box office turnout in the UK and now even in the US to make it a huge contender this year.

That’s it for now.