Who Is Kris Grant?

Chapters 1-6 of Daylight Hours is up right here online for FREE.

See what happens when a Vampire is forced to protect three runaways being hunted by unknown forces. Especially when during the day, Vampires are practically human.

Who is Kris Grant? Read Daylight Hours to find out.


Tropical Storm Isaac, I Thank You

Isaac seems to be raging on outside. The gusts of wind and rain against my window are oddly soothing at one o’clock in the morning.
A wave of inspiration came over me and I managed to get some writing in as well as a bit of editing earlier. Now that I’m finished, I can’t sleep. Maybe I’ll pick up Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and finally finish it. It’s been sitting on my bookcase for the past few days.
You’ve gotta love South Florida. The media exploits the storms and causes panic when really most of our afternoon thunderstorms are worse than what Isaac’s given us. I will say one thing. Weather like this sparks my creativity and I’m learning to just roll with it, even if it means never sleeping.

Daylight Hours: Price Drop!

Paperback Price Drop!

Daylight Hours is now on sale for only $11.00 in Paperback!

There are plenty of monsters in the South Florida underworld and the Vampire, Kris Grant, is in charge of them all.

It isn’t easy being a Territory Master. Humans know that monsters exist and aren’t afraid to hunt them down. Since Vampires are mortal during the day, and there’s been more monster killings up north than normal, Kris knows he should lay low. But when three young siblings come into town on the run, things get even more complicated. Something’s hunting the kids and Kris has no choice but to protect them and his territory. It shouldn’t be too hard. All he has to do is survive the daylight hours.

With Werebears, Witches, reluctant Human Servants, and Vampires, Daylight Hours is the paranormal must-read  for any fans of the genre.

Daylight Hours is also available for KINDLE and NOOK to download for only 99¢!