What To Do?

It’s one of those nights when you get off work and you just want to relax.

I pushed my way through some exercise at home–and that’s after running this morning before work–and I even managed to edit a chapter. Work is done for the day and so am I.

I can honestly say that despite my passion for movies, I’ve never gone to the movies by myself. Tonight, I think I will be breaking that record and going to see Silver Linings Playbook. It’s either that or stay at home and watch Shame, starring Michael Fassbender.

Both movies look incredible and it really comes down to whether or not I’m too lazy to get in the car and sit by myself in a theater because no one I know wants to go see Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper for two hours. The fools. I’m not sure which I’ll decide to do, but I can promise a review for Silver Linings Playbook on The Now if I go see that.

I just hope I don’t get raped on my night on on the town by my lonesome. That would be horrible. And probably ruin my Valentine’s Day plans considerably.

Psychosexual Drama
Psychosexual Drama, Hopefully

Top Films of 2012

My list of the Top 5 Films I saw in theater in 2012. By all means, comment. I’d love to know what are some of the best films everyone’s seen last year so I can watch them in 2013.

Top 5 Films of 2012

Oh, as stated in that post, I really have set a New Year’s Resolution for 2013: go to the movies more.

Films have always been a huge motivation for me and I’m extremely passionate about them. I have to make time to see more films and a wider variety at the theater rather than just big blockbusters.

I also have to write angry letters to the local theaters and see if they can lower their prices so I can go more often as well as buy groceries.

Motivating Movies: Using Films As Motivation

As a product of my generation, my imagination is built around this cinematic gear grinding inside my head. I have these grand movies playing in my mind and I have to try and get them out on paper.

I love movies of all kinds, whether it’s a large action-adventure film or a complex, cinematographically orgasmic mind-fuck that makes you uncomfortable and question what’s going on around you.

Seeing a film or reading articles about films inspire and motivate me to open up Word and get to writing a story worth telling.

My aspirations as a writer come from the scenes and characters inside my head that don’t go away. They spark something inside of me that gets me to the computer or notepad so that I can craft something worthwhile with my thoughts.

Whether you want to write a future “Literary Classic” or a screenplay worthy of Michael Bay’s direction, I have one question:

How many other writers out there use film to find the drive and ambition to actually write?