Thursday Morning

I’m sick. Not only of working for “The Man” and trying to make sense of everything while trying to find my place in a society that says I had to get a college degree, but doesn’t give you the opportunity to find jobs immediately after graduating. I’m sick of all that, but I really just have a cold. Hopefully not the flu.

I’ve given out a few copies of the sequel to Daylight Hours to some test readers and I’ve gotten some really positive feedback. It’s definitely helped revitalize my creativity. I was worried that anyone who read/enjoyed the first book, wouldn’t like the second in the series. So far, things look good.

As all of my test readers will attest to, I need to fix a lot of grammatical errors, but I feel that the novel is right where I want it to be. I’m still doing another couple of revisions because I battle with perfection. You all do see the problem with being a perfectionist when you know that nothing you create will ever be exactly the way you envisioned it. Look at that. A paradox.

I’ve been posting new chapters of Daylight Hours here for free every Monday and Wednesday for the past few months. Spread the word, people. Chapters 1-22 are here to be read for FREE. Considering that I’m considering trying Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing services, read the chapters here while they’re still up. Trying Amazon’s KDP Select would would make Kindle the only way to read a digital copy of Daylight Hours. It’s got it’s benefits, like being able to promote the novel for FREE downloads for 5 days out of every 90. I’ve heard positive things from the sheer number of readers who download Kindle books immediately simply because they’re free. Hopefully this would be a good way of getting Daylight Hours to more people who will hopefully enjoy the novel enough to write a review.

There are some cons: No more Daylight Hours for Nook and I’d have to take down the free chapters I’ve posted up so far here on the website. The paperback will still be available at Barnes and Noble as well as so that’s good.

Decisions, decisions…Who knows what I’ll do because I sure don’t. All business aside, I’m looking forward to Christmas because two days after I get to celebrate my 6th year with a certain amazing woman who somehow manages to put up with me.

This cold better vanish before then.


Self-Publishing and Setting Goals

I recently took one of my dry-erase boards and set out a list of goals for myself and then deadlines for them all.

It’s hard to self-publish a book, let alone a series. I’m working hard on the sequel to Daylight Hours, but finding the time to promote the first as well write and edit is time-consuming beyond belief.

Giving myself deadlines to reach my goals has really helped put things in perspective and help me to focus more on specific tasks. I’ve got a lot of things planned and some big announcements coming soon in regards to Daylight Hours as well as its sequel.

Wish me luck, and good luck to all you other writers out there working hard to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself.


Have You Ever Been in a “Writing Trance”?

Well I have. Recently.

A huge blast of inspiration hit me today and I’ve been writing non-stop for the past 3 hours.

The family was calling my name for dinner a few times, but they had the courtesy to give me space after I didn’t respond at all. I guess the sound of me on the keyboard was enough of a sign for them.

I don’t know about any other writers, but I’m thankful that they let me be. If I had stopped for any reason, I would’ve lost what I was getting into. Sometimes you get the most fulfilling, fruitful writing when you’re in these trances and I was definitely in the zone tonight.

I’m still editing the sequel to Daylight Hours and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think I just wrote the beginning first chapter of a project I’ve been working on since I was 13 years old. This is extremely exciting for me. I don’t know if it’s any good, but I don’t care about that right now. I’m just happy that I finally got it out on paper in the exact way I’ve been trying to for months now.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of these random writing spells that hasn’t involved Kris Grant, so it’s refreshing.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m going to go devour some dinner.

Sometimes being a writer’s tough on the stomach.

Daylight Hours: Price Drop!

Paperback Price Drop!

Daylight Hours is now on sale for only $11.00 in Paperback!

There are plenty of monsters in the South Florida underworld and the Vampire, Kris Grant, is in charge of them all.

It isn’t easy being a Territory Master. Humans know that monsters exist and aren’t afraid to hunt them down. Since Vampires are mortal during the day, and there’s been more monster killings up north than normal, Kris knows he should lay low. But when three young siblings come into town on the run, things get even more complicated. Something’s hunting the kids and Kris has no choice but to protect them and his territory. It shouldn’t be too hard. All he has to do is survive the daylight hours.

With Werebears, Witches, reluctant Human Servants, and Vampires, Daylight Hours is the paranormal must-read  for any fans of the genre.

Daylight Hours is also available for KINDLE and NOOK to download for only 99¢!