Money Ain’t A Thang…Unless You’re Trying To Save It, In Which Case, It’s A Horrible Thang

Mo money, less problems…because I’m not an idiot and I’d just buy the solution to any and all problems that would ever arise. Duh.

What is wrong with this world? Why is it so hard to save any money? 2012 is eleven days gone and I had little savings to show for it.

I try to budget and take 30% of every paycheck out for spending while the rest goes to bills and savings. It was working out, but by the end of the year, I fluctuated from the 1,200 I had before December rolled around. I’ve abolished buying food from work. It’s ridiculous. I work at a grocery store and a huge percent of my paycheck goes into buying food needlessly throughout my shifts. It’s not my fault the damn sushi and subs are so expensive.

I was advised by my incredible financial advisors–my mother and sister–that I should put away money into a savings once a week for every 52 weeks in the year. They said start backwards from $52 dollars so that by Christmas I am only putting in $1 that last week. This way of savings means that I’ll have $1,300 tucked away into an account. It sounds like a good plan to me and hopefully it works out. I’m really lucky my financial advisors are so original. By original, I mean being able to read the Money section of the Sun Sentinel.

Sometimes I wish that I could spend money I don’t have and continue to keep spending because the government would keep raising my spending cap each year. God, I know that sort of thing would never happen, but isn’t it great to dream that you could end up being trillions of dollars in debt and not have to worry about it because your kids and grandkids will be the ones trying to pay it off because you’ll be dead?

Oh well. I know everyone is struggling to save these days. I’m open to any and all advice in investing for my future. Hopefully I do better this year. All I can say is that I won’t be buying a DeLorean under the pretense that I will be able to go back in time to become rich. Fool me twice.


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