How Caffeine Altered My Life, Preventing Me From Making A Terrible Mistake, Therefore Altering The Future Of All Mankind

When sleep and eating healthy just don’t cut it.

Long story short: a syringe-full of espresso made me want to write and edit rather than focusing on world domination.

I went out for a boy’s night out last night, drank, woke up at 6:30am to go to the gym with the girlfriend, and then came home, made breakfast, crashed until 11:30, and then finally decided it was time to re-start my day. I have now taken a double shot of espresso that has awakened my latent creativity. There’s no better way to accomplish things than with an addictive substance in your system.

I have a few updates for all of you Kris Grant fans out there. Daylight Hours will be available for FREE for the Kindle in a few short days. Expect me to be blowing up the internet with this invigorating news. I get 3 days to promote the book for free with Kindle Select and I’m going to scatter them out throughout the 90 days to be able to promote properly. I’m settling on an exact day soon, but it could be as early as this Friday (just 2 days from now because I’m a procrastinator).

Please spread the word to anyone you know who has a Kindle or uses the Kindle App on their phones, iPads, or any other technological device that allows you to read things without having to do that exhausting turning the page thing. Daylight Hours was my first big step in the direction of becoming an author, and I hope that once it’s up for free, it will reach a wider audience.

The sequel to Daylight Hours is also coming soon for the Kindle as well as in paperback. I’ve given it to a few test readers, and one of the readers really motivated me by finishing the book in record-breaking time. I’m forever thankful for everyone supporting me and helping me reach my dreams.


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