The Day After

2013 is here. I know, who’d have thunk we could’ve made it this far, World?

I spent the New Year’s with family, something I’m not proud of. It was my father’s first time home for New Year’s Eve in my entire life, so I only had one choice if I wanted any part of the inheritance. And if you think I’m kidding, that’s what he threatened me with. Considering I had no other plans, me and the girlfriend spent time with the family and now when my father does pass away, I’ll get some sweet Bonds worth $50.

I hope everyone else had a great year –minus all of those shitty times– and a safe New Year’s Eve.

Hopefully 2013 is better than the last. We survived another apocalypse and are looking forward to a dismal future where PSY’s Gangnam Style and Ryan Seacrest rule the airwaves.

I feel like Joss Whedon is writing our lives.

Fun fact: my auto-correct changed “Seacrest” to “Seaquest” which makes me happy.


2 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. All the best, 🙂 Glad you spent it with family. Sometimes you have to do it, although you don’t want to, you may have enjoyed some of it.

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