Motivating Movies: Using Films As Motivation

As a product of my generation, my imagination is built around this cinematic gear grinding inside my head. I have these grand movies playing in my mind and I have to try and get them out on paper.

I love movies of all kinds, whether it’s a large action-adventure film or a complex, cinematographically orgasmic mind-fuck that makes you uncomfortable and question what’s going on around you.

Seeing a film or reading articles about films inspire and motivate me to open up Word and get to writing a story worth telling.

My aspirations as a writer come from the scenes and characters inside my head that don’t go away. They spark something inside of me that gets me to the computer or notepad so that I can craft something worthwhile with my thoughts.

Whether you want to write a future “Literary Classic” or a screenplay worthy of Michael Bay’s direction, I have one question:

How many other writers out there use film to find the drive and ambition to actually write?


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