Look At That, A Paperback

It’s happened. Daylight Hours is now available in Paperback!

This entire experience has been pretty exciting. I can’t describe how it feels to hold a book with your name on the cover. It was a learning experience to work on the interior and exterior of a novel and I’ll never forget it. Preparing it for publication was a daunting task and with the help and advice from a lot of friends, I was able to scrounge together a novel I’m proud of. I hope anyone and everyone who reads the book enjoys it. I had a lot of fun writing it and if all goes well, I’ll have more coming out soon.

Click Here to visit Amazon.com and buy Daylight Hours

Daylight Hours

One thought on “Look At That, A Paperback

  1. the cover looks GREAT! especially the font of “Daylight Hours”. you must be thrilled as a young author, lol. well done!

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