Reviewers Welcome:

Alright, I have some pretty unbelievable news. I got one more review on Amazon for Daylight Hours and I moved up in the Best-Sellers Ranking on How many spots exactly?


That’s right, I didn’t just add a few extra zeros, I moved up 300,000 spots just because of one more review. I want to thank everyone who’s downloaded Daylight Hours as an eBook for their Kindle Apps off of Amazon. I’ve had 4 people review it so far and I’ve miraculously kept my 5 out of 5 stars rating.

I’m asking for a huge favor of all of the people who have bought my book so far. If you’ve read Daylight Hours and liked Kris Grant and my take on Vampires and the supernatural, please write up a review on Amazon for my novel. Let me and the rest of the world know what you thought.

Just click on this link and log in to your Amazon account to write up a brief review and rate the novel.

Thank you again everyone supporting my new novel, Daylight Hours. It means more to me than I can say.


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