Daylight Hours has been on sale at Amazon as an eBook for the last month and it’s just the beginning.

I’ve been writing the next book in the series and it’s an extremely exciting endeavor.  There’s nothing better than a sequel.  All of the ground work is laid down and the characters are flushed out so that when the shit hits the fan, you care about whether or not they’ll survive or be able to pick up the pieces. The second book is going to be a huge adventure and writing it out is my favorite part of the process.  The first draft is about three quarters of the way done and I can’t wait to continue the adventure of Kris Grant for all of the readers who have bought the first book so far.

As far as the first book is concerned I do have some news on that as well.  At the moment the novel is only able to be purchased as an eBook for Kindle off of Amazon to be downloaded to any of your Kindle Apps.  After a month I’m undergoing the process of having the novel released in paper-back form as well so that people will be able to have their own physical copy of the novel.  I’ll post an update on that the very instant everything is ready.

This last month has been great and definitely one of the most motivating and creative moments of my life so far.  I’d like to end this blog post by saying that just the other day I had one more person finish Daylight Hours and tell me what they thought about it.  The positive feedback and even constructive criticism is exactly what I’m looking for to help me become an established author.  Hearing back from anyone who reads my novel is one of the most fulfilling feelings I’ve ever had.

Thank you everyone who’s read the book so far, you’ve really had an impact on my life and I won’t ever forget your support.

Keep spreading the word about Daylight Hours to as many people as you can and check back for updates.  I may even have some Short Stories posted up soon.  You never know.


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